I don't skate or play football

About me

I am not a super CEO, I am not Hans Zimmer, Tim Cook or JS Bach but I have written music you will love (you will absolutely find something when you have more than 24 hours time to listen to all my music),

I look back to what I have created for many people, films and my website Back to Normandy. Creations as an example for my and your goal. 

My character: I am simple and direct. But I am not simple and direct with people with their values and interests or ignore mine. 

I love people, I love music, I am aware of history, I love to create. I organize, I have created organizations. My mind will be busy for you when we work together!

I have a lot of skills according to the testimonials of other people: Scroll down and see bottom of this page on LinkedIn: 'Skills & Endorsements' 

I love people, I do like to give my skills and endorsements to music, to organizations, to humanity. Listen to my music, read my life. 

Be prepared when we work together, you will have an exciting period. You will not be disappointed..,,but I am not common, I have not a standard CV! 

Perhaps I am your mirror you (don't) want to see. Perhaps I am your solution. Mail me at mail@fredvogels.nl.

Back to Normandy

Back to Normandy is building the story of D-Day before (RAF, USAAF) and beyond, from Normandy to the Baltic. This database contains all kind of information (divisions, regiments, battalions, Navy and Air force units from Allied countries, events, stories, locations, dates) from the period 1 September 1939 until 8 May 1945. 
More than 139.000 records (at May 2016) in more than 13000 categories (mostly army units)

This website is completely designed and built by me. Read about the "making of" on the website www.backtonormandy.org.

Composer for film, television, dance.
Listen to my work: https://soundcloud.com/fred-vogels
See my work at www.imdb.com/name/nm2228029/

Omaha Beach, Honor and Sacrifice awarded with an Emmy!

Night and Fog
One of my most important (involved) work is my score for the film Night and Fog showing the final days of the Holocaust. 
I wrote the music, because I felt I had to compose it my way. You can see the film and listen to the score here: https://vimeo.com/74528039

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